Welcome to Spirit and Wellbeing Complementary therapies.

Treat your spirit, mind and body to a complete and reviving, de-stressing experience. 


​60 min - £38

Reiki is a form of Japanese hands-on healing which is guided by light hand pressure resting on the body. It can be combined with crystals, sound, meditaton, music, and other healing tools to assist with healing and de-stressing. at a very deep level. It involves quiet space to relax, lying down, fully clothed.

​Thai Foot Massage 
​60 min - £38

A strong massage of feet, calf and ankles, using firm hand pressure and Thai massage tool.

Using massage creams, cleansers and oils.

Creative Kinesiology
​60 min - £38

Flow back into love of life with a combination of Chinese medicine, acupressure, muscle testing, discussion, the eclectic tool kit of Creative Kinesiology. Helps with allergies, energy blocks, spiritual path issues, body, mind, spirit.  Life discomfort of any type can be addressed within private, confidential sessions. 

Thai Yoga Massage  
​60 mins - £38
90 mins - £50

Thai Yoga Massage is a truly wonderful experience for both giver and receiver, as energy blockages are released, boundaries dissolve and deep healing occurs in a space of presence and meditation.

Deep Tissue Back Massage
​60 min - £38

Deep tissue trigger point massage for releasing tension throughout the body. Focusing on head, neck, shoulders, spine, hips and waist, and back muscles.

​Relaxing Body Massage 
​60 min - £38

De-stress and unwind with a relaxing massage using essential oils. 

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