Practitioner  :  Maz Williams


My life has been a journey learning about spirit and well being.

As an energy-aware child (often called oversensitive) growing up in a world that has little education of subtle energies, coping with overwhelm, movement of emotions, and personal spirituality, I had a lot to learn about managing my own wellbeing.









I spent many years working within the NHS as a nurse, and other care and disability services, exploring physical and emotional wellbeing. I finally came to complementary health practices through my own need to relieve stomach problems and IBS.










The techniques in kinesiology worked more quickly and more effectively than anything else I’d tried. In the process of learning kinesiology I noticed improvements in overcoming my dyslexia, IBS and fatigue related problems, long term knee pain, deep fears, coping with stress, and re-awakening my childhood spiritual self. Just taking the first foundation course was life changing.










I find kinesiology an exciting, co-creative, enjoyable, pain-free way to move forward in life.
It’s very empowering. This toolkit of Chinese body techniques can offer anyone consistent self- supporting ways to manage life in a stronger, more purposeful way. From my experience, kinesiology is a unique meeting point between our body and soul. It provides a supportive energetic space for the body to communicate openly and self-heal naturally.










Body work such as massage, Thai foot massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Reiki are all excellent helpers for connecting  us with our bodies.  Any activity which connects us back to our body is added support for moving forward in life, love, relationships, business, and through any emotional issues. 


Outside work I enjoy life in the southwest - walking, paddle boarding around the coast,yoga , cycling,creating and making, and all-important family life. My spiritual development has led me to explore shamanic work and using Medicine Wheel as a way  to deepen my experience of myself and my connection to earth. This continues to be a huge anchoring support within my life journey, and I now integrate aspects of medicine wheel into kinesiology.













Intention and commitment are all you need to bring with you to a session.





Professional  Journey


BA hons - Mental Health - RMN 1993


City and Guilds 7407 Teaching Certificate - stage 1 - 1996


1st & 2nd degree Usui Reiki 2006


City and Guilds Certificate in Teaching - stage 2 - 2007


3rd Degree in Usui Reiki Master 2007


Crystal Healing 10 module Course 2008


Foundation Practitioner's Training in Systematic Kinesiology 2008


Practitioner level Creative Kinesiology

'The Way of the Tracker ' 2009


Body Massage Pracititoner Diploma 2010


Thai Foot Massage Practitioner Diploma 2010


Anatomy and Physiology for Kinesiologists modules 2009  - 2010

Thai Yoga Massage practitioner course 2016

Beauty Facial training 2019

Microdermal Ebrasion beauty facial technique training 2019


Current enhanced CRB certficate 


Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner ( KFRP )


I'm fully insured and registered with the Creative Kinesiology Association ( CKA ) A governing body for kinesiology in the UK.